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Donaldson TopSpin™ Filters


Donaldson TopSpin™ pre-cleaner air filters extend primary air filter life, boost system efficiency and extend engine life in all off-road heavy-duty applications, such as farm equipment, backhoes, dozers and more.

Self-Ejecting Pre-Cleaner Air Filter Maximizes Air Intake Systems

How It Works

The Donaldson TopSpin™ draws in dirty air, forcing the pre-filtered clean air into the air inlet and automatically ejecting mixed debris out the side of the unit. It is self-ejecting and self-scavenging, so it never has to be emptied or cleaned.

Superior Filtration Performance

The Donaldson TopSpin™ separates up to 85 percent of all incoming contaminants and more than 99 percent of particles 20 microns and larger, reducing air filter usage and greatly extending filter life. The TopSpin™ continues to work at engine idle, cleaning the incoming air even when the equipment is not moving. Pre-filtering incoming air provides lower restriction, improving engine performance and reducing filter costs. The TopSpin™ has a range of 90 - 1500 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

TopSpin™ vs. Dust Bowl

The TopSpin™ provides many advantages over the traditional dust bowl-style pre-cleaners. Dust bowl technology collects contaminants and cannot pre-clean the air when it reaches capacity. Donaldson TopSpin™ pre-cleaners continuously eject contaminants, providing continuous and consistent pre-cleaning.

Dust bowls require frequent dumping and cleaning, and create ongoing expenses for customers forced to continually replace damaged bowls. The TopSpin™ installs quickly and easily with only one clamp to tighten. It requires no dumping and no cleaning.

Solid Construction

The Donaldson TopSpin™ features a robust design. Its dual mounted bearings are sealed for extended life, and they allow the scavenging blades to spin quietly, continually cleaning the TopSpin™ and ejecting contaminants.

Donaldson TopSpin™ Available Now

The Donaldson TopSpin™ is now available from AMSOIL.

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