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WIX AquaChek® Filters


The first fully engineered filter of its kind, the WIX AquaChek® air drying filter eliminates the passthrough of free water from air compressors to tools and equipment. The revolutionary polymer filtration technology and spin-on installation of WIX AquaChek® filters set a new standard for compressed air moisture control.


Humidity is in the air every day, and it increases when air is compressed. Once humidity, or water vapor, enters compressed air systems, it accumulates and condenses into free water, the number one cause of deterioration in air tools and equipment.

WIX AquaChek® Filters Remove Water

WIX AquaChek® air drying filters provide unsurpassed protection from water, rust and corrosion. The super-absorbent polymer fibers that make up the media are pleated and inserted into a spinon filter housing. As water molecules come in contact with the polymer, they react with it to form a molecular bond that never releases.

How the Polymer Works

The polymer opens up from its coiled position and encapsulates each molecule, changing the liquid to a semi-solid. This forms a molecular bond with the water that will not release, even if the media becomes saturated. The super-absorbent polymer media traps particulates down to 0.5 microns and reduces relative humidity in the air downstream to 50 percent or less. AquaChek® filters capture up to 28 times their weight in water, or 40 to 90 ounces.

Solid, Unique Construction

The polymer absorbent media is housed in a specially coated steel can. The AquaChek® filter’s base plate, spring and center tube are all zinc coated, and they also feature a nitrile rubber gasket and rubber element support, ensuring long filter life. At full saturation, AquaChek® filters create no more than a half-pound of pressure drop.

Installation Information

Installation of AquaChek® filters requires a filter mounting base, an isolation circuit for filter change-out and tools to cut and thread the air line at the location the filter mounting base is being installed. AquaChek® filters are available from AMSOIL as singles or in kits with all components necessary for installation, including the mounting base, filter, sealing tape, gauge, check valve and fittings. AquaChek® filters are compatible for use as a single point of moisture control or for system-wide filtration.

Changing the AquaChek®

Filter change-out varies according to compressed air systems and humidity levels, but intervals should not exceed six months. An AquaChek® filter left in service past the recommended service life will not release the captured water. However, water can collect in the filter and pass through when the polymer reaches saturation.

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