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AMSOIL Metal Protector



AMSOIL Metal Protector is a synthetic, greaseless all-purpose lubricant that provides metal surfaces with a long-lasting lubricating film. It forms no gum or sludge. Its penetrating agents cut through rust and corrosion to allow free movement of hardware parts. AMSOIL Metal Protector dries electrical and ignition systems, and protects all electrical equipment from moisture, including salt water. AMSOIL Metal Protector is effective in applications as diverse as hardware, household appliances, sporting goods and electrical equipment. No silicone or harmful chemicals are included. Materials such as plastic, fabric, leather, fishing line or paint will not be stained or damaged when in contact with AMSOIL Metal Protector.

AMSOIL Metal Protector is versatile. Providing a film that prevents metal-to-metal contact, AMSOIL Metal Protector is ideal for bike chains, fishing reels and small geared equipment. Resistant to moisture penetration, AMSOIL Metal Protector displaces water to prevent the formation of rust and corrosion on metal surfaces, electrical wiring and electronic circuitry. AMSOIL Metal Protector restores electrical connection points and hardware threads. Excellent for light-duty maintenance around the home, AMSOIL Metal Protector silences squeaks, loosens stiff hinges and frees locks, hinges and window frames made from aluminum and steel. AMSOIL Metal Protector is an excellent addition to any workbench or tool box!

Product Features

  • Lubricates metal surfaces
  • Cuts through rust
  • Protects electrical equipment
  • Resists moisture, even salt water
  • Excels in household applications
  • Sprays into hard-to-reach places
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